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    Home Product News This paper introduces the use principle of heavy shelf
    • This paper introduces the use principle of heavy shelf

    • 2021-12-7

    When a warehouse is ready and put into use, all we can see is a pile of shelves in the center of the warehouse. Only when the goods are full can we feel the existence of a warehouse. However, in the process of use, in order to achieve the purpose of correctly using heavy shelves, there must be certain rules to restrict.

    The first step is also determined by the height of the heavy shelf, because a certain height can be reached during assembly. It is unmatched by other shelves, but it must be placed under heavy goods. The above should be relatively light and small goods to stabilize the center of gravity of the whole shelf.

    The second principle is that the goods on the shelf should not exceed the total overload capacity. Just as our vehicles are overloaded, there will be potential safety hazards, and the probability of accidents is also very high. The same is true for heavy shelves. If the weight of the goods exceeds the total weight of the whole shelf, it may not drop immediately at the beginning, but this phenomenon is bound to occur, so it cannot be overweight.

    The third principle is that employees must be careful not to hit the shelf when operating the forklift. In order to ensure the utilization of the whole warehouse, many heavy shelves are placed in the middle of the warehouse without any support. The only guarantee that their center of gravity will not drop is their own structural characteristics, but because of the height, if the collision force is too large, it will inevitably lead to collapse. Finally, the domino effect will be formed and the whole warehouse shelf will be destroyed. This is a big accident scene.

    Finally, select appropriate materials and heavy shelves to ensure the highest utilization rate of the whole shelf. At the same time, if there are goods on the shelf, we can't reach the bottom of the shelf because we don't know when the goods will fall. This possibility exists. Danger always exists. We must prevent it, not create conditions for ourselves to encounter danger.

    Heavy Shelf

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