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    Home Product News Precautions for daily maintenance of storage shelves
    • Precautions for daily maintenance of storage shelves

    • 2021-11-12

    In recent years, with the vigorous development of the logistics industry, more and more manufacturers have expanded their warehouses, and the number of storage shelves has also increased geometrically. So how to maintain it? Let's have a look.

    1. Do not exceed the approved layer load, resulting in the collapse of the laminate, the deformation or even collapse of the shelf.

    2. For the use of non laminated shelves, attention must be paid to selecting the right support frame for the goods to effectively prevent the goods from sliding.

    3. For the daily maintenance of the mobile dense frame, the mobile track should be cleaned more to prevent the accumulation of dust, and the car making track does not slide smoothly. The track should be cleaned regularly.

    4. During the use of high-level shelves, the goods stacked must be fixed. The shelves in the goods warehouse cannot be placed beyond the shelves to prevent falling, damaging or hurting people.

    5. For pallet shelves, during use, regularly check whether the cargo pallet is placed directly above the beam, whether the contact between the pallet and the beam is tight, and whether there is any unevenness.

    6. For some light-weight shelves, such as angle steel shelves, light shelves, etc., the shelf manufacturer shall pay attention to the rated layer load of the shelf, place the goods evenly as far as possible, and do not stack too heavy goods to prevent the deformation of the layer plate and affect the service life.

    7. Long term cargo handling may lead to local paint falling off the shelf. In this case, it can be maintained by yourself. First wipe the paint off part, and then spray it with self painting and dry it in the air.

    8. The through rack is used in conjunction with the forklift. During normal operation, pay attention to the running track of the forklift and the shelf track of the warehouse. Do not collide with the shelf. The running track of the forklift, corner guards and guardrails of the shelf should be installed at the bottom of the shelf.

    9. Some storage shelves are fixed by safety bolts or screws. In the process of daily use, pay attention to the connection between beams and columns. Regularly check the connection of screws or safety bolts to see if they fall or loosen. If this happens, it must be handled in time, otherwise it will cause serious hidden dangers for the safe use of shelves.

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