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    Home Product News Safety awareness is also important when using heavy shelves
    • Safety awareness is also important when using heavy shelves

    • 2021-11-9

    In all shelves, we found that the demand for heavy shelves is still a lot. It also indirectly shows that heavy shelves are very popular with demanders. Safety awareness is also important when using heavy shelves.

    1、Top heavy protection:

    The use of heavy-duty shelves shall follow the rules of goods storage, so as to put light on the high floor and heavy on the low floor, that is, the principle of heavy-duty shelves from top to bottom and from light to heavy, so as to prevent the phenomenon of top heavy shelves from losing balance and potential safety hazards.

    2、Anti impact:

    Especially for some heavy shelves, transportation equipment such as forklift is often used. Therefore, special attention should be paid to prevent the forklift from hitting the heavy shelves. Anti collision guardrails should be set, and the goods should be handled with care during the operation of the forklift, so as to reduce the impact between the handling equipment and the heavy shelves and reduce the damage rate.

    3、Anti super width:

    After the installation of heavy shelves, the floor height and width have been determined and limited. The dimensions of pallets and goods should be slightly less than 100mm of the net space. 

    4、Overload prevention:

    Each heavy-duty shelf has a certain load-bearing standard. When actually placing goods, do not exceed the load-bearing capacity of the heavy-duty shelf, so as to prevent deformation and other abnormalities of the heavy-duty shelf due to too large load-bearing.

    5、Replace damaged beams and columns in time:

    In the process of practice, we found that the beam and column of heavy-duty shelves are damaged very commonly. When damage is found, we should inform the heavy-duty shelf manufacturer to replace it in time. We can't take chances to bury hidden dangers for safety.

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