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    Home Product News What are the characteristics of attic shelves?How to maintain?
    • What are the characteristics of attic shelves?How to maintain?

    • 2021-11-5

    Attic shelf  is a common shelf. It is made of steel pipe. The style is very simple, but its workmanship is very firm and solid. Attic shelf features:

    1. The attic shelf can improve the shelf height, make full use of the storage height and make better use of the storage space.

    2. The attic shelf is suitable for storing various items.

    Attic shelves are suitable for high-rise warehouses, light goods and manual access. The maintenance process is as follows:

    1. Attic shelves are generally placed in the warehouse, which will inevitably be covered by some dust. Frequent cleaning of the storage rack will prolong the service life of the storage rack. Of course, as long as there is no dust on it, you can't simply clean the storage rack with water, which will lead to oxidation on the surface of the storage rack and greatly shorten the service life of the storage rack.

    2. You must be familiar with the weighing capacity of the attic shelves. Never put them beyond the capacity of the storage rack itself.

    3. Products, tools and accessories shall be placed regularly, organized and planned to avoid blocking the channel. Moreover, if the goods are placed on the attic shelf at will, it will improve the instability of the goods and increase the safety of the goods and storage racks.

    4. To be light and heavy, follow the principle of light at the bottom of the storage rack.

    5. In order to prevent moisture and rain, although the columns and beams of the shelf are metal products with baked paint on the surface, they may rust and affect the service life if exposed to moisture and sunlight for a long time.

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